The Tax Tool Version 2021-22 (15-Day Free Trial)


Just released!

The Tax Tool that generates more business for a variety of Financial Professionals such as Accountants, Tax Practitioners, Financial Planners and Advisers, Bookkeepers and more!

Get full use and access for 15 days to try the tool and see first-hand what it can do for you and your business.

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The new release for 2021-22 is here!

If your first thought is that this is a tool that calculates the tax payable by an individual for a given tax year, then you are only about 33% right.  This tool is unique and does so much more.  It is a business enabler.  In other words, it can make you a lot more money.

The Tax Tool is built to:

  • Increase the value of your advice and service to clients;
  • Calculate the various taxes payable by an individual for a specific tax year or event;
  • Quickly and professionally generate a report of a client’s tax for a specific tax year;
  • In a unique way, make the client aware of financial planning opportunities and risks they must consider;
  • Generate additional revenue/revenue streams for users through these opportunities;
  • Compliment other systems and tools used by Financial Professionals;
  • Use the tool to enhance your advice process and outcomes to clients;
  • Save time and minimise mistakes;

What is new in version 2021-22?

  • Updated with latest budget proposals and tables from the February 2021 budget speech
  • Updated Transfer Duty, Transfer Cost, and Bond Registration fees
  • Reduced file size to under 600Kb!
  • Improved layout and print results
  • Speed improvements
  • Fixed some issues that were uncovered
  • Reworked the save functionality not to reset tool when quitting


Who will benefit most

Financial Professionals that advise and provide service in the areas of personal tax and financial planning will benefit most from using the tool.  If you are a:

  • Financial Planner
  • Financial Adviser
  • Tax Practitioner
  • Tax Consultant
  • Paraplanner
  • Accountant
  • Bookkeeper
  • or similar

then you should definitely be using this tool.


T3 boasts the following features:

  • Business enablement
    • Identifies and highlights opportunities
    • Huge time saver
    • Enhanced value proposition to clients
    • Build strategic alliances
  • Easy and swift capture process
  • Personal income tax calculations
    • Considers marital status
    • Applies applicable exemptions automatically
    • Easy company car and travel allowance handling
    • Easy medical tax credits
    • Home Office Expenses
    • Travel claims
    • Applies applicable allowable deduction rules e.g. Retirement Fund Contributions, S18A Donations, etc.
    • Net tax payable by taxpayer or refund due to taxpayer
  • Retirement Fund Contributions
    • Current vs Maximum Deduction vs Own Chosen Contribution
  • Capital Gains Tax calculation
    • Multiple disposals during a year
    • Calculates taxable capital gain or capital loss
    • New CGT tool for multiple withdrawals from investments
  • Tax on Lump Sums
    • Retirement, Severance and Death
    • Withdrawals
    • Aggregation rules applied
    • Multiple withdrawals over time
  • Transfer Duty
    • Effortlessly calculate Transfer Duty payable on property
  • Beautiful, professional and invaluable report written specifically for the client (this is where the magic is!)
    • Completely white labeled with your branding
    • Easy to read and understand
    • Print hardcopy
    • Save as a PDF and share with your client in any way you like
  • Open opportunities for collaboration, referrals and financial planning
  • Valuable support
    • Continuous development and enhancements of the tool
    • Online Documentation
    • Online training (including how to enhance your business model and grow your business)
    • Send us suggestions directly from the tool
    • Other means of contacting us


  • 15 Days from date of first use
  • Full Access and use of the tool
  • Customise logos used in the tool and report
  • Trial version can be downloaded only once
  • You will not be able to access the trial version of the tool or copies thereof after expiry
  • The perfect way to determine if the tool works on your specifc machine before buying

Get your free trial

When downloading the 15-day free trial, you will be taken through the checkout process (meaning you have to provide your details to create an account with us), but you will NOT be asked to provide any payment details.  The system will skip this part of the process as this is a completely FREE trial.

To get the 15-day free trial:

  1. Click on “Add to Cart” above
  2. You will automatically be taken to your cart and see the free trial added
  3. Click on “Proceed to checkout”
  4. Complete your billing details
  5. Click on “Place Order”
  6. The transaction is now finalised and a confirmation screen with your unique download link will be displayed
  7. You will also receive an email confirming the free trial and the download link

System Req's

  • Microsoft Windows 7 or higher (The tool does not work on MacOS)
  • Microsoft Excel 2010 or higher
  • Enabled Macros in Excel (The tool will prompt if macros are not enabled and you can enable for the tool)


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